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SMACO Model No. 500SMACO Model No. 500

SMaCo Model No. 500 – Pneumatic Driven Vulcanizer

This model is designed for high volume production or larger profile extrusions, for compression molding / splicing. The frame is fabricated from steel and can be customized for longer or wider molds per customer specifications. The standard model is driven by a 5” bore x 5” stroke pneumatic cylinder, and accommodates a mold size of 7”L x 2.5”W x 2”H. Maximum mold height for the standard model is 3”. A control box is mounted to the side of the steel frame, which contains a digital timer, (2) digital temperature controllers (1 for each platen), an ON/OFF switch, and E-STOP / RETRACT button. Operation of the cylinder for movement of the top platen is accomplished by either a foot valve (floor mounted) and START button (located on the control box), or via a dual palm button bar (mounted to the base of the pneumatic cylinder, and a mini-limit switch that will be tripped by the top platen. The platens are heated via (1) cartridge heater each, with a dedicated thermocouple, for each, connected to the digital controllers. The steel frame contains (4) pre-drilled mounting holes for securing the unit to a sturdy horizontal surface. The customer is responsible for all necessary guarding or installation of safety controls per your local, state, or federal requirements.