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SMACO Model No. 600 - PneumaticSMACO Model No. 600 - Pneumatic

SMaCo Model No. 600 Pneumatic Injection/Transfer Press

This model will mold and splice to a previously extruded product in the simplest method known. Uncured rubber is placed into the wellpot of the top platen. The ram is activated by a dual palm button control, moving downward and pushing the rubber thru multiple spue holes located in the top half of the mold to join with the previously extruded product in the mold. At the end of the programmed cure cycle, the ram retracts up, allowing the operator to remove any manner of slug from the base of the ram. The operator can then also remove the part from the mold, having a completed corner or profile. This model is often utilized for creation of corners for window seals, door seals, and other gaskets where special angles are utilized. The standard model is manufactured utilizing a casting for the frame, with a single pneumatic cylinder mounted on top. Mold size for the standard model is 6” x 6” square. Both the top and bottom platens are heated via (2) cartridge heaters, which are controlled via thermocouple. A control box is mounted to the side of the casting, which contains a digital timer, (2) digital temperature controllers, an E-STOP / RETRACT button, and ON/OFF switch. On the standard model, the top platen pivots closed. **Custom frames are available for use of larger molds / extrusions, not accommodated by the standard model. Sizes available are 8” x 8”, 10” x 10”, and 12” x 12”. These units are designed utilizing steel frames, (2) cylinders – (1) controlling the ram and (1) controlling the top platen, allowing the top platen to close parallel with the mold surface. As well, control of the cylinders (either pneumatic or hydraulic) is accomplished via (2) sets of dual palm buttons. (1) set each for the ram cylinder and the top platen cylinder. The steel frame contains (4) pre-drilled mounting holes for securing the unit to a sturdy horizontal surface. The customer is responsible for all necessary guarding or installation of safety controls per your local, state, or federal requirements.