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SMACO Air CutterSMACO Air Cutter

Air Cutter

The SMaCo Air Cutter is an air driven cutter unit, utilized for high volume cutting applications. As named, the cutter utilizes a pneumatic cylinder to drive the blade down, through the stock being cut. The standard Air Cutter model contains a 1/8” thick, double beveled, steel blade measuring 6” in length, with a cutting height opening of 2”. The cutter frame is manufactured from 1” thick steel, with the blade guided by (2) vertically mounted steel rods. The pneumatic cylinder can be operated via a dual palm button system, or via foot valve control, which is utilized when working with material which may require manual positioning / securing during the cutting process. A replaceable cutting stick is mounted in the base of the cutter, while adjustable metal guides are mounted on both sides of the frame adjacent to the cutting blade to aid in preventing user contact with the blade. Air pressure to be applied to the pneumatic cylinder is to be limited to a maximum pressure of 100 psi. The unit measures 12” in length and 3” in width. The cutter base contains (4) pre-drilled mounting holes for securing of the cutter to a sturdy bench or table surface. *The customer is responsible for application of guards per their operational needs.