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SMACO Cantilever CutterSMACO Cantilever Cutter

Cantilever Cutter

The SMaCo Cantilever Cutter is a larger model of cutter, which is manufactured in standard cutter opening lengths of 13” and 20”, and vertical opening height of either 1” or 2”. The Cantilever Cutter allows for application of greater cutting force, utilizing a 17” long by ¾” square handle, which brings the blade down parallel with the material being cut. The cutter base is manufactured from 1” thick steel, and contains a replaceable cutting stick. The replaceable blade and cutting stick are both secured via set screws, allowing for adjustment of the blade and cutting stick as required. The blade utilized is 1/8” thick, double beveled steel. The cutter base contains (4) pre-drilled mounting holes for attachment of the cutter to a sturdy table or bench surface. The Cantilever Cutter is often utilized for cutting of wider, flat stock, but is also effective in cutting round, square, rectangular and irregular shaped stock as well. *The customer is responsible for application of guards per their operational needs.