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Pivot CutterPivot Cutter

Pivot Cutter

The SMaCo Pivot Cutter is our most basic model, being small in footprint and easily set up for use. Standard blade lengths come in 3”, 6”, and 10”, with a cutter opening height of 1” or 2”. The blades are 1/8” thick, double beveled steel, and are utilized in all of our cutter models manufactured. The base and handle are solid steel, with the base containing (2) mounting holes for easy mounting to a horizontal table or bench. Each cutter contains a replaceable wooden cutting stick, secured in the cutter base, and located directly beneath the cutting blade, which is also replaceable. The 3” Model has a base which allows for use of a 4” or 5” length blade if desired. The cutter is routinely mounted perpendicular to a straight edge for creation of a 90 degree cut. The cutter could also be mounted at an angle, as desired by the end user, for creation of specific angle cuts. The Pivot Cutter can be utilized for cutting of round, square, rectangular, or irregular shaped stock. *The customer is responsible for application of guards per their operational needs.